Alloy Wheel Refurb


We currently do work for Bentley, the JCT600 group, Trust Ford, Mercedes & BMW therefore a factory finish will be achieved as all our work is to a very high standard.

We pride ourselves in offering our clients not only a premium finish but a premium service too.

With our alloy refurbishment service you will receive:

  • A total refurbishment not a temporary touch up
  • A wide range of finishes available
  • Powder Coating – baked on finish
  • Professional Qualified Technicians
  • High quality finish
  • Environmentally friendly

The alloys are sandblasted back to the bare metal, powder coated in the colour of your choice and then oven baked.

*Please note that we need the wheels to be removed from the car and dropped off with us. We remove, re-fit and balance the tyres.

If you require any further assistance before making a booking please give us a call.