Black-Code Custom Remap


With a BlackCode remap you will notice the following improvements:

  • Increase in fuel efficiency (vehicle/engine dependent)
  • Improved low-mid range power (torque)
  • Smoother drive-ability
  • Sharper throttle response
  • Improved acceleration

Black Code are recognised as one of the leading remapping companies in the UK. They have had excellent reviews by Top Gear magazine and What Car. They are famous for the safety of their remaps. Never taking the car past it is capable of.

Also with our product you automatically receive a lifetime software warranty (for any main dealer software updates/re-flashes) and also a 14-day money back guarantee! So if you don’t like the additional benefits, we will return your vehicle to standard factory settings and give you a full refund.

As all of our remaps are completely custom written we can also offer additional features such as speed limit removal, RPM limit adjustment, DPF removal and EGR removal. Please note that these additional features are vehicle/ECU specific and not available for all manufacturers therefore, please ask for further details.

We have 6 staff members at the workshop therefore we are able to offer a while you wait service. If you require any further assistance before making a booking please give us a call.